Profion - welcome the happy vibes!

The first solo project of Krister. This eurodance project is influenced by artists like Scooter, Sash!, E-Type and Bl├╝mchen. Profion gained favorable reviews in the community during the last decade.

Overjoyed melodies are an integral part of every song. And what is a track without some snare rolls and super saws :)

Genre: Eurodance Hands Up Hi-NRG
Contributors: Krister Eklund
Around since: 2004


Play Track Date Links
Stefanie - You Never Said You Love Me (Profion Remix) 2008-05-08
Profion - Butterfly Dust (Profion vs. Lukash Club Edit) 2008-05-08
Profion - Butterfly Dust 2006-08-03
Profion - Chinaman 2006-02-15
Profion - Insected (Original Edit) 2005-06-01
Profion - The Fantasy Ride 2005-07-14
Profion - These Days (Dii Daa) 2005-06-01
Profion - Midnight Dance 2005-05-22
Profion - Coming Home 2005-05-14
Profion - Spring 2005-03-21
Profion - Above the Skies 2005-01-18
Profion - Lightful 2004-11-04