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The original collaborative label of Krister and Mikko currently focusing on modern house and pop music while exploring and building their musical palette. The tracks found here show the duo's musical journey which began from trance music and still continues to evolve.

A musical piece by Lund & Lund has also been included in a movie soundtrack. A part of "City without life", featuring vocalist Elina, can be heard in a finnish short film called "Ilmianto" during a car ride scene.

Genre: Modern pop Electro House Trance
Contributors: Krister Eklund Mikko Englund
Around since: 2006


The Prey   single 2017-12-01

The Prey 3:17


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Lund & Lund feat. Elina - City Without Life TBA
Sinytal - Blue Mountains (Lund & Lund Remix) 2009-11-13
Lund & Lund - Transform 2009-02-03
Bluebear Project - Colours of Life (Tuneshift TUNED Remix) 2008-07-27
Tuneshift - Second Dawn 2008-03-23