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Welcome to the updated!

We have worked through day and night to bring you a Xmas present: updated with a couple of cool new features. Most notable of these are our own blog, site-wide mp3-player, and clip voting system. Let's start with the blog. We decided that the Twitter tweet character limit of 140 characters is not going to cut the deal for us. We would like to bring more of our musical thoughts into the light, whether those are updates on new tracks that we are currently working on or exiting new VSTs that we have tried. Or maybe we are just frustrated with something like the tiny automation dot handles in Cubase (why on earth those have to be so small?) and want to rant about it.

Another cool feature that we have added is the mp3-player you can see at the top right corner of the site. With it you can listen every track that is in Just click the a play button that can be found e.g. in one of the project sites. This will load the mp3 in to the player and start playing. Nice thing about the player is that it's site-wide, so it only stops playing when you leave the site. Have a cup of coffee (or beer), play some of our tunes while browsing through our blog posts :) Or, here's a thought: play our tracks on your phone while exercising, the music continues when the browser is in background.

Last but not cliché, enter our voting system. Now YOU have a chance to be heard. We have developed a voting system to our site (just click vote on the top menu bar) which allows you to vote our clips. Clips are what we call unfinished tracks. Have a listen. If you would like to see one of them ready sooner rather than later, vote for it. We will concentrate our efforts to the most voted clip and finish it before the others. That's all for now, check back for more later.

Viremusic wishes everyone a melodically merry Xmas!

PS. You can follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

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